Y11 Study leave

Friday 28th April 2017 will be the symbolic “last day” for Year 11 students.   Until this date all normal timetabled lessons take place. After this date a schedule of compulsory revision sessions has been organised for students.

Study leave timetable

The “last day” simply signifies a change in focus to final examination preparation. From this point normal timetabled lessons are disbanded, however, a timetable of revision sessions and self study begins. Attached is a copy of the revision sessions timetable for students. In addition there will be a general revision room available to students. This will be a quiet study room.

  • Pink blocks indicate an examination is scheduled to take place.
  • Green blocks indicate a planned revision session. Attendance to these sessions is compulsory for students who study the subject. In the event of a clash a student should attend the session they consider to be most important.
  • White blocks are Art catch up sessions. Attendance to these sessions is optional.

View Study leave timetable

Revision sessions/Examinations

Students coming into school for revision sessions are expected to:

  • Wear school uniform.
  • Sign in to each revision session.
  • Work hard and remain focused on their learning.
  • Behave in an appropriate manner.

May we take this opportunity to wish all students the very best for their final preparations and examinations. Advice and guidance on what to revise and how to revise is on our web site. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the school.

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